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Our Goal Is Simple - To Make Customers Happy

We’ve been doing that since 2012. How we make customers happy has always been about having the right people in the right place, at the right time – with the emphasis on the ‘people’.

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Let's Meet The Team
Jack Barmby
Martin Brown
General Manager
Jenny Bowles
Managing Director
Sally Chandler
Chief Operating Officer
Daniel Foster
Head of Customer Service
Nathan Sansby
Commercial Director
Emma Walton
Head of Human Resources
Jared Clapham
Campaign Manager
Katie Ferdenzi
Business Analyst
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Our Story

In 2012, we set out to share our love of social media, and help brands across the world manage the new, unfamiliar territory of social customer service. Today, our UK-based teams cover every customer service channel, in 10 languages, 24/7/365. We started in social media, where everything you say and do is open for scrutiny by everyone in the social sphere. Combating that was all about focusing on the whole customer experience, and going back to roots. The traditional shopkeeper had to create and sustain relationships with their customer, and today that’s truer than ever. That’s why our specialty is in brand protection; we create an impenetrable shell by maximizing customer satisfaction to keep your reputation squeaky clean.

The cool part? We created a cost and labour model that could produce massive cost-reductions without sacrificing customer needs in the slightest – omnichannel efficiency gains combined with our industry-leading cost-per- contact pricing.

Hourly Planning

Our Culture

We believe in our people, and their ability to do truly incredible things every single day. But people need support to do their best, which is why we’ve invested in the personal professional development paths for every department in the business. Here’s how we support learning at FM Outsource.

The FM Outsource Academy

The FM Outsource Academy

The FM Outsource Academy program recruits individuals looking to kick-start careers in Software Development, Marketing, IT Support, Accounting and more.

Work with top UK universities

Work with top UK universities

We work with top UK universities to provide work opportunities for students looking to support their income during their studies.

Training Investment

Training Investment

We invest heavily in specific training courses for staff across all departments with all expenses paid and allocated time in work to complete their studies.

We’re experts in creating truly astonishing customer experiences. Take a look at what we do right here.